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Black Tea
Assum FOP The smoothest single estate Assam you will ever encounter. Loaded with buds. Brew a minute longer and add milk for a delicious, comforting refreshment. One of our staff favorites. We buy several chests of it every year because we couldn't start the day without it!
Apple Spice

Sri Lanka OP black tea, dried apple, cinnamon, blackberry leaves, safflower petals. This is a fragrant
black tea with all the seasonal notes of apples and cinnamon.

Apricot Sri Lanka black tea, dried apricot, dried papaya, blackberry and lime leaves, calendula and sunflower petals. This popular blend stirs memories of sweet ripe apricots with an amazing aroma. Add a dash of sugar to enhance the flavor. Makes a stunning iced tea.
Black Currant Chinese Black Tea with a wonderful deep black currant aroma and flavor. Makes a stunning iced tea.
Darjeeling First Flush SFTGFOP1 Darjeeling is the “Champagne” of teas and the first picking season from the Poobong Tea Estate yields one of the finest examples from this region of the Himalayan foothills. The light fragrant liquor is the perfect accompaniment to light cakes and desserts. This is the finest grade.

Duchess Grey

Sri Lankan black tea with bergamot, lemon peel, rose and cornflower petals. It's as beautiful as it smells!
Earl Grey The world’s most famous flavored black tea. We begin with a Sri Lankan black tea and blend it with a delicate balance of oil of bergamot and cornflower petals.
Earl Grey Decaf A decaffeinated version of the world’s most famous flavored black tea.
Earl Grey Lavender Sri Lanka OP black tea, dried lavender, cornflower petals, oil of bergamot. The flavors and colors of Provence mingle with the traditional aromas of the world’s favorite flavored tea, Earl Grey.
English Breakfast This classic blend of Chinese Keemun teas makes delicious, easy‐to‐drink liquor that can be drunk with or without the addition of milk.
English Breakfast Decaf A decaffeinated version of this British Standard.
French Vanilla Sri Lanka black tea, sunflower and calendula petals, natural vanilla flavoring. You’ll think you are in a Parisian tearoom! A dash of sugar adds to an already delicious flavor.
Ginger Peach Sri Lanka OP Black tea, papaya, blackberry leaves, peach, ginger, sunflower petals, and calendula petals. Makes a great iced or hot tea.
Golden Yunnan The Yunnan region of China produces these luscious down‐soft leaves that brew into a full‐bodied rich black tea. The beautiful gold leaves give this rare tea its name.
Iced Tea Blend This black tea from the Nilgiri region of India makes the perfect iced tea that will not cloud.
Indian Chai This is the real thing! Rich Indian black tea with cardamom and cinnamon. This is the national drink of India. Serve with milk and sugar, hot or over ice.
Irish Blend Our hearty blend of malty Assam and rich Kenyan black teas makes a full‐bodied liquor. A good breakfast or mealtime tea, it holds up well to the addition of milk
Kentucky Blend A classic blend of Chinese Yunnan and Keemun black teas. Great for breakfast or any time of the day. It will remind you of a bluegrass morning.
Lapsang Souchong This classic large leaf smoked black tea from China has been a staple of most tea collections for over two hundred years. This is a great winter tea to be enjoyed with a good book.
Orange and Spice This is one of our best‐selling fall teas with all the satisfying aromas of an autumn day. Contains Sri Lanka black tea with cinnamon and orange peel.
Peach Sri Lanka black tea, dried peach, dried papaya, dried apricot, blackberry leaves, sunflower and calendula petals. Makes an absolutely tremendous iced tea! A flavorful and tasty combination of mellow peaches with a hint of apricots.
Pettiagalla OP Ceylon This is a classic example of a well‐made Orange Pekoe grade black tea from Sri Lanka. This beautiful tea from the Pettiagalla Tea Estate is a perfect all‐day tea that pairs well with any food.
Pomegranate The combination of black tea and pomegranates makes this fragrant drink as healthy as it is delicious. Sri Lanka OP Black tea, pomegranate, rosehips, blackberry leaves.
Raspberry Sri Lanka black tea, dried raspberry, blackberry leaves, rose petals. Add a pinch of sugar to fully accentuate the flavor. Makes a great hot or iced tea.

Green Teas
Cherry Rose Green Japanese sencha blended with rose petals and cherries - all the flavor and aroma of a spring orchard.
Gunpowder This classic hand‐rolled Chinese green tea has a full body with vegetative notes and a hint of oak and fire. It was one of the favorites of frontier America.
Hyson This early spring Chinese green tea was one of the teas thrown overboard in Boston Harbor. One of the most available teas of early America, it is sometimes called Chunmee.
Jasmine Pearls Premium hand‐rolled Chinese green tea from Fujian Province with the aroma of Jasmine blossoms. This exquisite tea can be infused multiple times.
Lung Ching This is one of China’s best‐known green teas from the town of Dragon Well. The flat green leaves produce clear yellowish green liquor with a slightly sweet aftertaste. It’s loaded with antioxidants!
Moroccan Mint The most consumed beverage of North Africa is this fragrant blend of gunpowder green tea and mint. Add a pinch of sugar for the real Moroccan tea experience!
Pomegranate Hibiscus Hibiscus and pomegranate were made for each other! Tart with floral highlights for a highly refreshing cup.
Sencha This is the most consumed green tea in Japan. It’s steamed immediately upon plucking to lock in its Antioxidants. Vegetative taste with light yellow liquor. Drink it hot or cold.
Serene Green Japanese Sencha, chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint. Healthy, low in caffeine and soothing to the senses, this popular blend is one of our most popular.
Strawberry Sencha Sencha flavored with strawberry and papaya. Produces a cup that is light and fresh, with delicate notes of juicy sweet strawberry and enhanced by the addition of dried papaya pieces.

White Teas
Bai Mudan This well‐known white tea from China produces a light liquor with a honey finish. It’s packed with antioxidants!

Black Dragon This affordable Chinese oolong from Fujian Province has a nutty overtone with a peach finish. It’s good for multiple infusions.
Ti Kwan Yin This is one of the classic rolled oolongs of China. It produces a delicious cup with peach pit overtones. Good for multiple infusions.

Pu- Erh
Aged Pu-Erh Golden Pu-Erh has been aged for 6 years in a dark cave in Yunnan Province. Hint of mustiness with a bit of earthy character, milder than younger Pu-Erh and highly prized.
Scottish Caramel Pu-Erh Dessert in a Cup. The earthiness of pu-erh fused with caramel for a sweetly decadent finish. A favorite of the Scotland-China Association. Pu-Erh Tea, Butterscotch pieces, Almond pieces, natural flavors.

Fruit Infusion and Herbal Teas
Blueberry There’s no caffeine in this all fruit infusion because there are no tea leaves. Full‐bodied with a mouth feel like wine. You cannot over brew this infusion. With dried blueberries, apples, hibiscus, elderberries, currants, cornflower petals.
Strawberry Kiwi Dried apple, hibiscus, rosehip, strawberries and kiwis. This healthy beverage is both naturally sweet and tart with the heady aroma of strawberries. No caffeine because it contains no tea leaf.
Peppermint Contains only pure dried peppermint; no tea leaves and no caffeine.
Chamomile An herbal infusion, composed only of perfectly formed Egyptian chamomile flowers with a deep, soothing aroma. No caffeine.

Ginger Rooibos South African Rooibos, dried ginger, lemongrass, calendula petals compose this full‐bodied blend that contains no caffeine. Soothing to the tummy!
Lemon Rooibos A full‐bodied blend of South African Rooibos, lemongrass, calendula petals that makes a delicious and satisfying caffeine‐free liquor.

Yerba Mate
Green Yerba Mate Used as a caffeine beverage in Latin America before the advent of coffee. The aroma and flavor vegetative green leaves. Aged in order to enhance the flavor of the mate.

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